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Dexter's Dog Services, Maidstone 

Please readunfortunately we can no longer accommodate any new clients at this time due to our schedules. This includes pet sitting, group walking, all home visits, and solo walks. 

The pet taxi service is still available. 


Dexter's Dog Services

Dexter’s Dog Services is a family run business based in Grove Green, Maidstone. We have dogs of our own and understand the importance of giving your pet a happy and healthy lifestyle. 


We offer:

  1. Fantastic socialisation for your dog

  2. Daily rural group walks

  3. Groups sizes between 4 & 7 dogs 

  4. A Safe & efficient collection service 

  5. 7 Days a week

  6. Local pet taxi service for vets & groomers etc.

  7. Long distance taxi transportation also available  

Group Walks

Most of the dogs that regularly come out with us have been in our care for many years, and we are only occasionally able to offer group slots to new dogs. All new dogs will always join with us on trial basis. This way we can establish if joining the groups will be suitable for your dog, and we can make sure they have no issues with travelling etc. If for any reason we didn't think that the group walks would be suitable for your dog, we would inform you and explain the reason why.    

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